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Rodney Hughes is the Head of Executive Search at Career Synergetic Solutions (a global executive search firm). He is also the proud creator of Perfect Resume Blueprint & Interview Prep University, which are exclusive virtual training platforms that are designed to teach professionals (at all levels) how to exponentially improve their job interview skills.  He's also the Author of The Ugly Truth About Getting Hired: How To Land The Job Of Your Dreams... Regardless Of The Competition! In this book, Rodney shares powerful interview strategies that can help leadership professionals dramatically improve their odds of gaining a competitive advantage in the job interview process and landing a top-dollar job offer... with ease!   
Whether he's placing top talent with top-tier companies, conducting seminars, speaking events, or 1-on-1 interview prep consultations with top talent...  Rodney has a strong reputation for delivering tangible outcomes and over-delivering results. Having served clients in over 12 countries and 42 US states, Rodney has a tremendous amount of experience helping people to get out of their comfort zone and take massive action towards accomplishing their career goals.
For well over a decade, Rodney has had the great pleasure of serving some of the most reputable companies & professionals (in the world) to help them find creative solutions to major employment/business challenges.  
Here are a few of the companies that Rodney has served professionally: 
• Corporations: Proctor & Gamble, Sanofi, Chick-Fil-A, Becton Dickinson, Kimberly-Clark, Shire, Harley Davidson, Saudi Aramco, Alkermes, Emory, B. Braun, Nike, Boeing, Travelport, Novartis, ADP, Autodesk, Cox Media, Kellogg, Fiserv, Lockheed Martin, etc. 
• Government: GSA, DOT, EPA, FAA, FDA, DOI, NOAA, NASA, VA, DOHH, Several US State and Local Governments, Canadian Government (Hydro One, Region of Peel, Health Canada)  
• Military: Army, Navy, Marines & Air Force
• Non-Profits: United Way, United Way Worldwide, Xavier University, Lakeland Regional Healthcare, Mayo Clinic, as well as several dozen other Universities, Hospitals, Clinics, and other local communities & youth groups. 
Earlier in his career, Rodney served as the top-performing Business Development Consultant (setting every public class sales record) for the #1 Facilitation company in the world.  In this role, Rodney was able to work on collaborative solutions for major challenges such as profit improvement, change management, strategic planning, systems implementation, and much more for many Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations & government entities.
Rodney proudly received his B.A. in Mass Communications from Bethune-Cookman University.
Rodney is highly trained in...
Executive Recruiting • Advanced Interview Preparation Techniques & Strategies • Resume Writing • Telephone Interview Best Practices • Virtual Interview Best Practices • Customer Centric Selling • Question Based Selling • Frontline Selling • Magnetic Marketing • Crucial Conversations • Facilitation Best Practices • Strategic Planning • Virtual Facilitation • Internet Marketing • And Much More...

Disclaimer: The products discussed are designed to be used strictly for educational purposes only. Results may vary.

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